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Ten random words

Yunnan N (province of China) JunanoBW
cross-dresser N (person who wears clothes of opposite sex for fun or performance) travestiitoPIV,VIE,SEK, transvestito; (person who is sexually aroused wearing clothes of the opposite gender) travestia fetiĉistoSEK, erotika travestiitoSEK; compare also transsexual
slave n (owned person, BDSM also) sklavo
tragedy N (all meanings) tragedioF
speech therapy N logopedioKr,MT,VIE, ortofona kuracadoPIV, parolkuracadoSEK, parolterapio
fragile rompiĝema, (facile) rompebla
Solomon Islands N SalomonojBW
jinni n (Arabian mythology) ĝinoPIV
nanny N vartist(in)o
brow N (anatomy) see brow ridge, forehead or eyebrow; (of hill) krestoJW

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