Sonja's English-Esperanto Dictionary


main course N ĉefpladoPIV, ĉefa pladoKr
entrée N (Europe, eaten before meal) see first course; (North America) see main course; (after soup, appetizers and fish, but before the main course) entreoPIV
main character n (in work of fiction) ĉefpersono, herooF, protagonisto
advanced course N kurso por progresintoj, progresinta kursoIK
beginner's course N kurso por komencantojKr, komenca kursoIK, elementa kursoKr, baza kursoKr
first course N (eaten before meal) antaŭmanĝaĵoKr,PIV, antaŭmanĝoVIE
intermediate course N kurso por progresantoj, progresanta kursoIK
refresher course N perfektiga kursoIK, ĝisdatiga kursoIK
dungeon N (underground prison cell) kelkarceroJW,PIV, (underground castle prison cell, where prisoner is often left to die) ublietoPIV,Kr, forgeskeloPIV,Kr, forgesejoPIV; (area constructed underground) subterejoMo,LZ, subteraĵoPIV, (underground corridor, tunnel or passage) galerioF; (underground room) subtera ĉambroPIV; (keep, or main tower of castle) ĉefturoVIE, turegoVIE
motto N (guiding principle of person, institution, company) devizoF; (phrase inscribed on book or article to express its main ideal) motoZ,PIV; see also slogan
appetizer N (eaten before meal) see first course; (beverage served before meal) aperitivoPIV,JW
class N (group of students following same course) klasoF, (course followed by a group of students) kurso, (period or session of instruction) leciono; (group of people in similar life conditions) klasoF; (computer programming) klasoKL
lane N (narrow road or way) vojeto, strateto; (each of the parallel strips of road separated by stripes, for a single row of traffic) koridoroVIE,Ak,PIV, kolumnoJW; (narrow dirt road in forest or fields) pado; (of race track) lenoEB,VIE; (course for ships) vojoJW
needless adj (unnecessary) nenecesaJW, senbezonaJW, (gratuitous, without reason) senkaŭza; adv needless to say (obviously) evidente, (of course) memkompreneble
online adv (person, etc.) konektiteKL, (device also) malaŭtonomeKL; ADJ (person, etc.) konektitaKL, (device also) malaŭtonomaKL; (offered online, course, etc.) InterretaKL
impotent adj (unable to maintain erection) impotentaZ,PIV
podcaster N (person who maintains a podcast) podkastisto

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