Sonja's English-Esperanto Dictionary


paper towel N papera mantukoKr
kitchen towel N see dish towel or paper towel
tissue N (paper cloth, paper towel) papertukoJW; (something woven) teksaĵo; (light, see-through fabric, like gauze) gazoAk; (anatomy) histo
paper N (substance to write on) papero; (newspaper) ĵurnalo, gazeto; (scholarly or scientific work) referaĵo, referato; (essay) eseo
towel N (for drying self after bathing or washing) bantukoJW,RV,Kr, (for wiping hands and face) mantukoPIV,JW,Kr
paper cutter N papergilotinoEB
paper shredder N paperneniigiloIK
paper size N formatoAk,PIV
kraft paper N forta pakpapero
rolling paper N cigaredpaperoEB
tissue paper N (very thin soft delicate paper for wrapping) silkopaperoPIV,Kr, silkeca paperoKr
toilet paper N neceseja papero
tracing paper N paŭspaperoPIV
waste paper basket N paperkorboIK
dish towel N (for drying dishes) (kuireja) sekiga tukoEB
eraser N (for erasing pencil marks from paper) skrapgumoJW,Kr,PIV,RV, frotgumoPIV,VIE, viŝgumoVIE
paperback adj (stitched or sewn together without board covers) broŝuritaJW,PIV, (bound in stiff paper, not boards) kartonitaPIV; N (fits in a pocket) poŝlibroKr,JW, (stitched or sewn without board covers) broŝuroJW,PIV
pattern N (form, shape) formoF; (tendency, bias) tendencoAk; (arrangement, way something is set up, interrelated position of parts) aranĝoF, dispozicioPIV; (motif, detail or theme often repeated in work of art) motivoAk, (decoration, ornamentation) ornamaĵoKr; (series of interrelated or grammatically substitutable units) paradigmoAk ; (plan or diagram used as guide) modeloF, (template, stencil to make clothes) ŝablono, (paper pattern to make clothes) modelfolioJW,PIV, papermodeloPIV; (drawing, outline) desegnoF; (pattern that physically sticks out from flat, visual contrast) reliefoAk; (military or geological formation) formacioPIV,JW
receipt n (paper after buying something) kvitancoEB
staple N (for paper) (paper)krampoJW,EB,Kr, vinktoAk,FEL,IK
write v (form letters on paper) skribiF; (compose, create, as author) verkiF, write an article verki artikolonZ,PIV

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