Sonja's English-Esperanto Dictionary


record player N (device for playing vinyl records) gramofonoEB,BW, diskoturniloJW, diskludiloBW
needle N (on record player) nadloBW
turntable N (rotating platform of record player) diskoplatoBW; (record player itself) see record player
record N (preserved account or info) registro; (vinyl gramophone) (gramofona) diskoBW, (gramofon)diskoJW, (vinila) diskoPIV; (best score) rekordo; kroniko, raporto, protokolo
record store N diskovendejoPIV,BW
cassette player N kasedmagnetofonoBW, kasedludiloBW
CD player N k-diskludiloBW, KD-ludilo, kompaktadiskludiloBW
MP3 player N (physical device) MP3-ludigiloBW, (computer software) MP3-programoBW
45 N (vinyl record) disketoBW
diary N (daily record, journal) taglibroPIV,RV,JW, ĵurnaloPIV; (datebook, day planner) agendoZ,PIV
LP N (vinyl record) diskegoBW
play VT (a CD or record) aŭdigiPIV
sound system N (stereo device with CDrecordcassette player, radio receiver, etc.) sonaparatoHV
pitcher N (container) kruĉoF; (baseball, professional or frequent player) ĵetistoEB, (baseball, occasional player) ĵetantoEB
Walkman N (portable cassette tape player) poŝmagnetofonoBW, poŝkasedludiloBW, poŝkasediloHV
recorder N (flute) bekflutoBW
DJing N (playing records in a disco or on the radio) diskestrado

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