Sonja's English-Esperanto Dictionary


transsexual N (person who permanently identifies with gender opposite to their birth-assigned sex and undergoes changes to their body) transseksul(in)oVIE,SEK; adj transseksaSEK
transsexual man N transseksa viroSEK, in-al-vira transseksuloSEK
transsexual woman N transseksa virinoSEK, vir-al-ina transseksulinoSEK
female-to-male transsexual N transseksa viroSEK, in-al-vira transseksuloSEK
male-to-female transsexual N transseksa virinoSEK, vir-al-ina transseksulinoSEK
cross-dresser N (person who wears clothes of opposite sex for fun or performance) travestiitoPIV,VIE,SEK, transvestito; (person who is sexually aroused wearing clothes of the opposite gender) travestia fetiĉistoSEK, erotika travestiitoSEK; compare also transsexual
trans adj see transsexual or transgender
transsexualism N transseksecoSEK, transseksemoPIV
transsexuality N transseksecoSEK, transseksemoPIV

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